We Are Heading Towards A Positive Future of Remote Work, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning as Businesses Begin to Notice the Changes

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Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com
Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

In this blog post, we discuss the future of work. We cover some concerns the public has brought to our attention over social media. We cover TapATasks position in this situation and projected future outcomes.

Topics Covered

The Future of Remote Work Continues to Grow

The attraction of remote work and the scramble for talent is luring highly skilled people away from companies like Goldman Sachs and Facebook.

We can’t all work from home. But if you wanted to, now is the perfect time to land a remote working opportunity. Remote work cuts down costs for the business. Introduces flexibility and convenience for the employee. Businesses that are slow to adopt are starting to lose skilled employees. In 2022 most major businesses are starting to focus on their growth.

As it stands, anyone in the United States can become an employee of Uber. And it is all connected through the mobile app. The same goes for companies like Lyft, Taskrabbit, Upwork, Fiverr, and more. Those apps allow you to work from within the app on your phone.

Other companies may not have a personal app to work from. Instead, you can work for the company from your phone using Zoom, Slack, Trello, and more. They allow you to work on team projects, self-employment, or small business ventures.

I remember when working from home used to be the latest new thing. When you would work from an actual computer but now people are working from their phones! How is that for Remote Work!

And with social media people are taking it a step further. Either boosting their careers as fitness trainers or social media influencers or musicians. Or they are creating their own careers.

We are even starting to see the healthcare industry work from home. Utilizing Zoom more often in their appointments. People can now have doctor appointments or psychiatry or therapy from their phones.

Benefits To The Business

  • Don’t have to pay for renting out an office space
  • Don’t have to pay for employee equipment
  • Don’t have to pay utility services
  • Regardless of environmental hazards and major traffic delays, there is the completion of work. Like snow.
  • Can hire more employees, across State lines

Benefits to the Employee

  • No commute or transportation cost
  • More flexible schedules and increased availability
  • Controllable work environment
  • Increase in more slouch behaviors due to a more relaxed work style, such as working in pajamas
  • A more comfortable work setting
A question for companies to answer regarding remote work?

Many companies are reluctant to adopt it. Either due to stubbornness or general comfort with existing work processes.

Challenges of Remote Work

There are also some challenges to consider with remote work. Not to mention an increased integrity issue. Having an almost stranger handling sensitive documents in an almost unknown work location. There is a higher chance of neglect from workers. From sleeping on the job, excessive breaks, and eating while taking phone calls. To more technical issues like internet connectivity issues, and general slowness. Although these activities can happen in the office. They would be much harder to track and discipline in a remote setting. Some employers have gone as far as needing webcams during work sessions. Or the installation of computer activity monitoring software. Some companies will hire the employee as an in-house worker for a short period of time. This is to get to know the employee and track performance before sending them to work from home. There are many pros and cons to remote work, but it is a big responsibility that requires quite a bit of trust.

Seeing that the public interest in working from home is a win-win for Tapatasks. We would be introducing an open playground. For anyone that wanted to work as a Task Manager (Virtual Assistant).

The Future Will Introduce New Forms of Collaboration and Diversity of Work

Creating a psychologically safe environment for our teams should be our top priority.

The team determines the company’s success. If the team is happy and successful, so will the business. But if the team Is not doing so well then the business will begin to suffer.

Establishing remote working businesses can nail the hammer on obtaining inclusiveness and diversity. This allows other demographics to work. This may alter the company’s workflow and culture a bit.

Remote work can often be tedious and a lot harder than office work. Employees must have good organizational skills. Have a good work ethic and show they can perform duties without needing much help.

A question for the HR departments regarding remote work and innovation

Things Tapatasks is Doing to Motivate Productivity and Ensure Workplace Safety In a Remote Setting

  • Disciplinary actions against those that violate the terms and conditions of employment on harassment and abusive language.
  • Employee surveys to gauge the conditions of employment and direct the future of what the employee’s needs are and where to go from there.
  • Periodic Team Feedback to motivate and set a standard of goals that are realistic and achievable.
  • Have a go-to person staffed that is both friendly and approachable for answering questions and resolving work complaints immediately.

The Current and Future State of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning costs have come down but many companies are still slow to adapt to these technologies.

Currently, so long as you are on the internet, artificial intelligence impacts you. It is always tracking and monitoring our behaviors, demographics, and activities. It all started with greedy companies wanting to market to their customers more. Now they have it so fine-tuned with cell phones; that downloading a free app or tapping a prompt gives a form of consent to release information. So if you ever read the fine print when you download a free app and wonder who they are releasing the information to, it’s the marketers in the public. But no one actually reads the fine print, so it has evolved into something quite fascinating. Your search results and your interests are now related to the advertising data you see. And research studies from data analysts and data scientists to predict human behavior. We can even copy it, and it changes by the demographics and regions too.

With machine learning, we are able to shortcut tasks, data entry type of tasks, which cuts down jobs quite a bit, well computer-based jobs. The computer can now perform much smarter tasks other than computing numbers and letters. It can now understand images too with OCD technology. And connect it all with 3D printing, we can generate quite a bit of product without factories now too. They are now using 3D printing technology in construction and building 3D-printed houses. Some college campuses now have robot police.  Some businesses are using drones as a surveillance tactic. The future is here! What’s next? Flying cars? Aren’t those called airplanes? Let’s reduce the cost of private planes and make them safer for the average person to use. And lighten up on the flying rules.

In order to make remote work a possibility for your company you must leverage the available ai and ml tools out there. Employees like it when the company has the necessary tools available for work and assistance.The cost of ai and ml tool are coming down, some are as little as free. Check out tools like Zoom for meetings, Slack for text communications, and Jira for project mangement, and Canva for design. Even the government is getting involved by allowing discounts to schools for using their products for educational purpoposes. And if you must still have an office, consider that we are using automation in our homes, this could benefit the office by allowing automation to lower the electricity cost of your air conditioner. Check out automation in regards to remote systems and surveillance. Dont bore your employees with completeing tedious and repetitive tasks. Let the ai and machine learning software handle that for you. This will create a much better working environment and free up time for other tasks.

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