Preparing for the Future of Work

In this post we cover the barriers at play and what Tapatasks is doing to overcome them. We discuss the market as well as the future of work.

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Value of Skills and Human Labor

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TapaTasks will help determine the value of skills relevant to the future of the work marketplace by including a profile that will serve as a selling point to propose to complete a task. Task Listers will be able to sort through each Task Managers’ profile to select the ideal candidate for the job. The profile will give off details such as username, ratings, testimonials, social media links, statistics on task completion rates, badges, education, photos, and videos. Instead of being sorted through by computer software and keywords on a resume, the Task Managers are handpicked by a human, the Task Lister himself. Badges are obtained by completing tasks or taking courses and can be used to certify skills.

As more and more jobs go obsolete, TapaTasks has arrived to increase the value of human labor by allowing such a marketplace of tasks to existing. We will always need someone to do something for us, therefore there will always be an opportunity to create tasks to be completed as opposed to the job description that requires multiple tasks to be listed in the job duties. This way is much better as the most qualified candidate can be an expert in one task as opposed to another. The Task Managers can decide if they would like to wear multiple hats or not. But at face value Task Lister will be searching for a human, not an artificial intelligence machine learning robot, to get the task completed, thus increasing the value of human labor.

Economic and Social Cost and Benefits of Modernization Worker-Support Systems

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The economic cost of The social and economic costs of modernization is that we will have another income source for workers. Tapatasks is a freelance job, so it can be performed during any hours of the day, encompassing the busy schedules of all backgrounds, but in particular women, and those in part-time work or informal work. By allowing the flexibility on what types of tasks to be completed and what times to work on them, the social cost is a lower unemployment rate with more overall spending on goods and services. TapaTasks opens up a future where more and more workers will become self-employed, which makes sense because more and more businesses will also be seeking to modernize the workforce by using machine learning software.

Ai effect on diversity and equity in the labor force

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AI can play a critical role in two critical areas: ensuring all qualified candidates have equal access to job opportunities and supporting HR and managers in making fair employment decisions. A first step to increasing workplace diversity involves making job opportunities known to a wide range of qualified candidates. Because AI has begun to assist in functions such as deciding who gets scholarships, mortgages, and opportunities to build economic capital, it becomes apparent why AI must – without question – be unbiased and inclusive. It is useful for companies to look at AI through the lens of business capabilities rather than technologies. Broadly speaking, AI can support three important business needs: automating business processes, gaining insight through data analysis, and engaging with customers and employees.

Automation and Digitalization impacts wages

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Automation and digitalization have been the cause of wage inequality since the 1980s and we foresee this to continuously be the case. At least Tapatasks lowers that gap in education level by encompassing a platform that lets users determine if the education is required to complete the task or not. Badges allow for varying levels of education by serving as an achievement for a very specific skill. The proposed wages are negotiable within the app and can be increased depending on how the dialogue goes.

Women’s participation in the workforce

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Women have always had a much lower stance in the labor market, but with Tapatasks they will have a much better opportunity to land work that is both flexible and reasonable as far as the pay goes. If it is domestic circumstances that present barriers to women in the workplace, then our app should help eliminate those barriers both by offering flexible work and by allowing to delegate tasks to be completed to free up time.


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