With U.S. unemployment sky-high, a majority of Americans are concerned about the future. Or so they say…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Overall unemployment rates 2021Q4

  • Highest: D.C. (6.2%) • N.M. (6.0%) • Calif. (5.9%) • Alaska (5.6%) • Md., N.Y. & Penn. (5.5%)
  • Lowest: Utah (2.3%) • Neb. (2.4%) • Ind. (2.7%) • Okla. & Kan. (2.8%)
  • National: 4.2%

COVID-19 pandemic

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 80 million reported cases and nearly 1 million deaths in the United States, the labor market is approaching its 2020 pre-pandemic level of tightness. As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 subsided, many state economies continued their return to more normal economic activity. Unions worked to solidify the gains in worker power afforded to them by the conditions of the pandemic and the “Great Reshuffling,” with high-profile grassroots wins secured by Amazon and Starbucks workers.

2021Q4 & 2022Q1 | State unemployment by race and ethnicity

The fourth quarter of 2021

The fourth quarter of 2021 saw steady improvement in the labor market, even as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 continued to spread across the country. Though the incidence of cases was relatively high throughout the Omicron outbreak, the widespread availability of vaccines and boosters limited the severity of those cases. As workers moved back into the labor market, the economy continued to grow, though at a slower pace than in previous quarters of the recovery from 2020’s recession.

2021Q4 & 2022Q1 | State unemployment by race and ethnicity

Our Mission

It is our mission to introduce convenience and enhance the future of work. We cannot predict the future but we can control it. Using the internet, our society has created interconnected communities in which we now socialize and produce work in a more controlled and traceable way. We now have ai, machine learning, integrations, and automation that complete human task for us, eliminating potential jobs for us. Or so it seems, the unemployment rates are 3.8% in 2022Q1, 3.9% in AZ, and the highest observed in DC at 6.2%.

Assuming we can successfully launch our social media tasks management service, we could introduce more jobs, and more conveniences for individuals to maintain their existing jobs. We would be introducing a more flexible form of time management. A virtual assistance type of service that could benefit both individuals and businesses. We would be providing a solution to resolving all issues within the realm of the future of work. For the most part, individuals are scared that they will lose their jobs due to the future of technology. As it has been in the past, we foresee an evolution the future jobs, not a total replacement. While we work on better software for completing functions, our jobs become easier, requiring fewer employees and less education. Having the internet as a resource can be quite handy, which now in days everyone has a cell phone, and therefore has the internet as a resource primarily in the palm of their hand at all times. We are taking a service that is already there, social media, and making it into a service for accomplishing tasks.

We are about connecting individuals with other individuals based on their skill set, not their job history or their education. Tasks Managers will be self-employed, meaning that they can work on a schedule of their choice using a device connected to the internet, which includes cell phones. This means as long as users have a device connected to the internet, they can work from it. Most notably cellular devices are growing to be as fast as computers and are more hands-on with their touch screen capabilities. We will have set up the mainframe for individuals to connect with one another upon completion of simple tasks. This can potentially help individuals obtain work much faster than traditional methods, as they don’t need to look for an employer or go through a long interview process. Simply fill out their W-9 form and log in to select a task to work on that was submitted by another user. They can even earn the payment as early as the same day so long as the process is completed. Think of this service as the next Uber service, where you can get tasks completed as fast as you can get a ride from Uber. You can simply post for someone to complete a task of wakening you up via phone calls or even placing phone calls for you and emailing you a dialogue of what was discussed, saving you time throughout the day. Even small businesses could potentially save money by listing tasks to be completed rather than hiring employees. Task Managers can enjoy a more relaxed work environment so long as they are completing tasks on time with quality work.

Tapatasks Logo

10 ways that TapATasks introduces convenience and enhance the future of work

  1. Enables the recruitment of virtual assistant services at the palm of your hand with our mobile app on Apple iOS and Google Play Store
  2. Introduces a way to obtain fast freelancer jobs that you can begin working on as early as the same day
  3. Tasks can be submitted any day, any time, with a customizable fee for service
  4. Allows small businesses an easier substitution to hiring employees, can simply post the task needed for completion and we will have our task managers complete it within the deadline
  5. Provides a fun interactive board for companies to submit challenges and provide an easier more organized way to interact with the contestants and pay the winner of the challenge
  6. Frees up time in schedules, by allowing TapATasks to handle pickup and drop off tasks, babysitting and dog sitting, tutoring, grocery, and store pickup tasks
  7. Earn points, and badges, and compete with other Task Managers on leaderboards as a bonus incentive to keep Task Managers motivated to continuously complete tasks
  8. Introduces a more modern profile, so that users can make the right decision and feel comfortable with who they choose as a Task Manager. The profile includes previous tasks completed, ratings, resumes, social media links, videos and photos of previously completed work, and testimonies from the previous tasks they performed well on.
  9. Puts more money in the pocket of someone seeking a part-time side hustle. Introduces a more practical way to earn and trade cryptocurrency amongst other users
  10. Introduces more flexibility and possibilities by allowing integrations with third-party developers

Samples of Tasks Types

  • a user is looking for someone to watch their dog from 8pm to 10pm
  • a user is looking for someone to pick up their groceries
  • a user is looking for someone to pick up their child from school and drop them off at daycare
  • a user is looking for someone to pick up the mail from the PO BOX and deliver it to their home address
  • a user is looking for a photographer for her wedding
  • a user is looking for someone that can attend an event or date with them
  • a user is looking for someone that can teach him SEO and monetization of their blog site
  • a user is looking for someone to design their website and post blog article post
  • a user is looking for someone that can set up the automation from their garage
  • a user is looking for someone that can tutor a student in writing
  • a business is looking for someone that can package and drop off plants at a UPS store
  • a business is looking for someone that can fax a document
  • a business is looking for individuals that can review their product and make a video
  • a business is looking for individuals that can complete phone calls for them
  • a nonprofit is looking for a volunteer to submit a survey or take a health assessment

There are many more possibilities as the tasks are endless. This enhances the future of work as it introduces payable fees for services in the most convenient way, by way of an app. We are looking to launch and make the service available to the US Market in its first year and the international market in the second year. We expect tasks to be completed slowly in the early rollouts of the service as users become more familiar with us. The task will be reviewed to prevent fraud and illegal activities. If interested in this service we are asking people to like, comment, and follow us on social media. You can also sign up for our email list on our website TapATasks.com to receive a notification when the app launches.

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